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Milwaukee Evaluation
Clinic members work with youth evaluators at the ¡Milwaukee Evaluation! Social Justice and Evaluation conference.

Our goal is to support the capacity of people and organizations to critically reflect on and mobilize knowledge to support equitable opportunities and outcomes.

Graduate & Undergraduate Students will:

  • Apply theory, experience and skills in context
  • Explore and build career options across research, evaluation, and policy

Community Partners & Schools will:

  • Access and use quality research, evaluation and policy support in making decisions about education
  • Contribute to the body of quality & responsive knowledge in education

School of Education will:

  • Implement an innovative model for graduate and undergraduate education
  • Strengthen the Wisconsin Idea and our education system through mobilizing quality and responsive knowledge 

“[The Clinic] provides members opportunities, knowledge, and skills development not offered in the ‘traditional’ academic setting. Both are extremely important to me as I journey through graduate school and prepare for a career.” (Graduate Student Clinic Member)

“We need partnerships from around the community to be able to support and elevate this work. The resources and knowledge base that UW brings to this project is a key factor in helping us find success.” (Clinic Community Partner)